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DIY (do-it-yourself) / How-to Start Your Own Legal Services Company Summarized

7,000+ attorneys are involved with this business enterprise. You can access the program and sell the program. The company has existed since the 1970s and some people have made millions of dollars selling the program. It is super simple to sign-up and there is no catch, there are no hidden fees, and no strings are attached. Keep in mind, 7,000 attorneys are involved, so if the company were unscrupulous, it would have been shut down decades ago. In addition, the company is multinational. 

Once you sign-up and become an associate, you will not need to pay for anything beyond the one-time 99 dollar enrollment fee. Once enrolled, you are now part of a network consisting of 7,000+ attorneys. You now have your own legal services company associated with the larger company.

You will be provided a Website with zero monthly fees. Again, you are only required to pay 99 dollars to become an associate and that is all you are ever required to pay. To gain access to your own business Website after paying the one-time fee of 99 dollars, you must attend training 2 times … 2 hours each training session. Total training time is 4 hours (2 separate sessions) via Zoom. The training is not something you have to pay for and the training is easier than you might expect. You are simply required to be present and answer basic questions if called upon during the live training session. The required training is provided at no additional cost and is therefore included as part of the 99 dollar package. The training is not hard, but it is required that you be present in the 2 Zoom training sessions to be granted access to your Website. Once you complete the 4 hours of professional training, you will then have access to your professional business Website and at that point, you will be the owner of your own legal services company and can start making money. Again, and for the official record, there are people who make millions of dollars a year selling this service, which is a service that most people do not know exists. It is a lesser-known product/service and for that reason, the market is not saturated. Results vary depending on how much work you will do to use the power of the Internet to share the links to your product. This product/service is purchased by individuals AND companies. Companies and individual employees of those companies also regularly purchase this product/service, so there are millions of opportunities on the horizon in terms of sales that you can make if you sign-up and become an associate. The sign-up process only takes a few minutes and you operate your legal services business from your smartphone and/or laptop depending on your preferences. It really is that simple. I shared this information with you because it is an opportunity for you to make money online during a time of inflation and nationwide economic hardships for a lot of people. Depending on the size of your network, how you intend to scale your own legal services business and how much time and energy you commit to growing your business, will determine how much money you make. Many success stories exist and I would like for you to be the next success story! 

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