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Maybe you were not in the Armed Forces. I wasn’t, AND/BUT have the UTMOST RESPECT for those who serve in the MILITARY. Here is what YOU CAN do, if you want to be part of a MOVEMENT. JOIN LEGALSHIELD and WORK WITH US! Do you want to become an Associate? It won’t cost you more than $99. JOIN TODAY AND BE PART OF A FORCE OF BUSINESS BUILDERS/ENTREPRENEURS!

The sign-up/enrollment process is SUPER EASY! You can start making money ALMOST IMMMEDIATELY!

You’re probably asking, what is the catch.

There is no catch.

You sign people up i.e., sign-up other people, and then YOU get paid.

How much do the OTHERS have to pay to sign-up/enroll?

Answer: We have packages that start at LESS than $30 a month AND YES those packages are for legal coverage.

Do you and/or a friend/associate/family member/acquaintance need for a lawyer to do something for you?

Hello! $29.99 a month … How on Earth can most people afford to pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO RETAIN an attorney? Many can’t … so how does LESS than $30 a month sound?

No, this is NOT a scam. This is LEGALSHIELD. #PrePaid #Legal #Services and the company has actually been around since 1972.


No. This is NOT a scheme. LegalShield has existed since 1972 AND is FULLY LEGIT.

How legit?

Answer: Nearly 7,000 attorneys in the U.S. and Canada.

Now, what legal services do you need (get them cheap/inexpensive with us) and/or ALSO become an Associate and START TO MAKE MONEY!

No time to waste ->

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