Professional Voice Actor Voice-over Artist Robert Lee Taylor (Stage Name Rob Lee)

Executive Music Producer (Sony Publishing), Author, Podcaster (broadcast 50+ countries), Voiceover Artist, Robert Lee Taylor (IMDB Rob Lee), was recently interviewed in an appearance on Burbank, California’s, The Actor’s Choice, hosted and directed by Ron Brewington. Robert Lee Taylor is also credited with publicity for War Brides of Japan (IMDB War Brides of Japan), a series of five films written and directed by Yayoi Winfrey, Robert Lee Taylor also appears on two seasons of Sexy Voices of Hollywood (S.V.O.H.) with lovely co-host, Yayoi Winfrey. Robert, also the founder of AONN Records (broadcast to 140 countries and former AONN Records label owner), appears in the book Skin Deep written by the late, Marianne Ruuth.

Robert Lee Taylor, voice actor (voiceover artist) is also the owner of EmpireStateMoney Dot Com Software Technology & Multimedia Company, which advertises, markets and promotes for hundreds of brands, campaigns, companies, and organizations. For a sample of recent audio audition samples click here

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The Actor’s Choice Hosted by Ron Brewington
Autobiography by Rob Lee (Robert Lee Taylor)
Published by 495 Multiverse Publishing Company

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