LUXURY Yacht Holiday Vacation of a Lifetime

Are YOU Ready for a Fabulous Adventure Unlike Ever Before?

Yacht Cruise Holiday Vacation of a Lifetime!

Learn what makes a LUXURY Yacht Holiday Vacation different from that of a regular, ordinary, holiday …

The GREAT THING about a Yacht Charter Vacation is that when you’re onboard, YOU are in charge. You travel where YOU want, WHEN … YOU want, with whom … YOU want while a highly trained VIP crew takes care of YOUR … EVERY desire. How cool is that? There’s MUCH MORE!!

Gourmet dining, exclusive destinations, and lush accommodations are all part of the 100% customizable travel packages OceanScape Yachts puts together.

Are you ready for that vacation of a lifetime?

Empire State Money Dot Com has partnered with OceanScape Yachts to give you up-to-the-minute access to dozens of packages from which to choose YOUR OWN DREAM LUXURY YACHT HOLIDAY VACATION of a LIFETIME… COME TRUE!

Are you ready to embark upon an Absolutely AMAZING, and TOTALLY FABULOUS LUXURY, Yacht Holiday VACATION … to Remember Forever and Ever?

Here are the details to get started and to book your own, very special, charter LUXURY Yacht Holiday, Vacation, Getaway, Cruise today!

So, what really makes a Yacht Holiday so different?

Yachts vs. Cruise Ships

Yachts vs. Hotels

Bahamas Brochure

Croatia Brochure

Indonesia Brochure

Italy Brochure

Premium Membership

Travel Tips and Inspiration

Yacht Podcast

Private Yachts for You

76 Foot 888 Yacht

Book Your Next Charter

Ata Rangi 6 Guests Fishing & Pleasure


Baby One

Belle 58 Foot Azimut Up to 6 Guests

 C’est La View



Cinque Mare



Dunia Baru



Flying Fish


Golden 3


I Love This Boat

IL Capo

Johnson Baby

Julia Dorothy

Lady Amanda

Lady Pamela  

Legend & Soul

Lindy Lou

Masteka 2

Miss Kulani

Oscar II

Queen of Sheba  

Quo Vadis






Sassy 2

Sea Star



Si Datu Bua  

Sicilia IV


Troca One

Why Not

Sometimes you just gotta be ULTRA fabulous AND live ULTRA fabulously!

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